April  2017

Bel-Air Bowl is looking for a mechanic to work nights and weekends.

St. Clair Bowl needs Front Counter Staff, Waitress, and Bartender.

Please read below for instructions.

If you would like to be considered for future employment, please send email containing one paragraph about your work experience and one paragraph about what makes you awesome!

A paper application for both centers is available here.  


Lane waitresses serve our league bowlers throughout the week.  Lane waitresses will work part-time, on nights and weekends only.  The ideal candidates will be awesome!  And friendly, fun, reliable, honest, neat in appearance, and at least 18 years old.

Bartenders keep the fun going!  We have a number of bartending positions throughout our companies and are always interested to meet potential new team members.

No one can bowl if the machines aren’t working properly!  Our mechanics  (Pin Chasers!) are people who love to work with machines and can learn quickly.   (Mechanics must be 18 years old.)

 Striker’s All-day Cafe is the source of all our delicious food at St. Clair Bowl.  Cafe workers are friendly and quick on their feet.  Cafe workers must be 21.

We are always eager to meet energetic, friendly, reliable folks to work the front counter.  A strong commitment to customer service and a great personality are required!

Porters are hard working people who hustle to get things done.  If you are quick on your feet and can haul boxes, set up tables, clean up messes, and do whatever needs doing, you might be an excellent porter.  Porters need only be 16.

Birthday parties are a BLAST at St. Clair Bowl!  We love to meet people who can help make our birthday parties a GREAT experience for birthday kids and their parents.  Party Attendants set up the birthday tables, greet the birthday guests, make them feel welcome, help kids get the right size shoes, enter names into the scoring system, serve pizza and soda, and do whatever it takes to assure that the birthday party is a success!  Party attendants need only be 16 years old.