You can sign up for leagues by calling 632-2400. 

Restaurant League starts February 13

Do you want a real challenge? Try the Sport Shot League!  This competitive league travels between St. Clair, Bel-Air, Scott AFB, and Hi-Top.  Call 618-589-9259 for info.

Just in it for fun?  How about our Short Season Beer&Pizza League!



League Member Perks

When you join a league at St. Clair Bowl or Bel-Air Bowl, you are committing to a fun, weekly event with people you care about.  In addition, we offer generous discounts to our league bowlers:

  • $1.75 per game for open play – for the league bowler and his or her entire group!
  • $2 shoe rental
  • 15% off your total bill at the snack bar
  • 15% off balls, bags, and shoes at The Bowlers’ Shoppe
  • 20% off rental fees in our banquet and event spaces
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