Sunday Special

9am-Noon-   $2

After 9pm: All you can bowl for 2 people $19.95

Monday Special

Bowl Your Head Off 9:30pm-12am just $13.95 per person

Tuesday Special

Any 2 hours between 9am-3pm just $10.95

Quartermania 9:30pm-12am  $7 Admission, 25¢ games, 25¢ shoes

Wednesday Special

$2 Game 9pm-12am

Thursday Special

BYHO 9:30pm-12am $13.95 per person

Friday Special

All You Can Bowl any 2 hours after 9pm $19.95

The specials above are valid until May 1, 2019 and are not honored on holidays.

Open Play Rates

6pm – Close Weeknights & All Day Weekends:
$4.25 per game
or $22 per lane per hour (add on additional 15 mins for $5.50)
Open – 6pm Weekdays:
$3.50 per game
or $18 per lane per hour (add on additional 15 mins for $4.50)
Military Rate w/ ID (current or retired)
$3.00 per game
or $16 per lane per hour (add on additional 15 mins for $4.00)
League Rate 
$1.75 per game
or $10 per lane per hour (add on additional 15 mins for $2.50)
Shoe Rental:
$3.00 Regular
$2.00 League & Military Rate
Family Special Valid Anytime:
$37.50 per lane: 90 minutes of bowling, shoes for up to 5 people, 1 pitcher of soda, 1 order of team fries
(Additional shoes above the included 5 will be at $3 per pair)

Bowling Hours

Please call the center at 632-2400 for up-to-the-minute lane availability.  We strive to keep some lanes open for open play at all times.  Once in a while we may ask you to wait a short bit until another group finishes play.  On rare occasions, we may call ahead and send you to our sister-center, Bel-Air Bowl in Belleville.

Christmas Eve we close at 2pm.

Christmas Day we open at 5pm.

New Year’s Day we have a large tournament.  Please visit Bel-Air Bowl for daytime bowling on New Year’s Day.

Monday – Thursday 9AM – 1am

Friday – 9AM – 1am

Saturday – 9AM – 1am

Sunday – 9AM – 1am


Beer Frame Lounge & Bowlers’ Shoppe

Beer Frame:

6PM – 1AM Monday – Thursday

6PM – 2AM Friday

6PM – 2AM Saturday

5PM – 1AM Sunday


The Bowlers’ Shoppe:

Monday 11:00-7:00

Tuesday 11:00-7:00

Wednesday 11:00-7:00

Thursday 11:00-7:00

Friday 11:00-7:00

Saturday 9:00-7:00